Madison Hubbell – USA – Figure Skating

Madison Hubbell is a 26 year old ice dancer from Okemos, Michigan. She and her partner Zach Donahue have been ice dancing together since 2011. There professional partnership turned personal when they started dating. Somewhat miraculously, their skating partnership continued even after they broke up and went on to date others. They have medaled at five of the last seven US championships (and came in fourth in the other two) and are the reigning US champions. PyeongChang will be their first appearance in the Olympic Games.

As you can see in the introduction video, Madison and Zach have an amazing chemistry together. They way that she looks at him makes it seem like she’s totally in love with him. Even though they are no longer dating, they still seem like the perfect couple.

Here are a few image of the two of them, some of which you can see her give him the look that I’m talking about.

Here’s a video of them training together and talking about why they moved to Montreal to continue their training.

And another video from a Skating Magazine photoshoot where some of the pics in the gallery above were taken.

In PyeongChang

Madison and Zach sit in third place following the ice dancing short dance segment. The free dance segment begins in a few minutes on NBC.

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