TDIO Feb 16th: Women of Curling (Fire on Ice) – Part I (2010)

Perhaps the easiest choice I ever had to make for my “This Day In Oglympics”. The “Fire On Ice” Part I post has, for years, easily been the most popular post on this site. It continues even through these Olympics.  So it’s a no-brainer pick for TDIO.

“Fire on Ice” was a calendar put together by an international group of curling stars. Many of the curlers in the calendar posed nude, so it’s obvious why it was popular on this site. Plus, not only did some of the girls make it to the Vancouver Olympics, a fair number of them made it to Sochi too. That tradition continues as some of the girls are curling in PyeongChung too (we’ll have an update on who they are in a few days).

Women of Curling (Fire on Ice) – Part I

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