Beatriz and Branca Feres – Brazil – Synchronized Swimming


Just like with Michelle Jenneke, I’ve been praying for four years that these gals would qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Even though they are little known to most people, pictures of these gals top many, if not most lists of Hottest Women Athletes. To be honest, I had my doubts that these two were the least bit talent. I figured they were just a couple of sisters who modeled but were passing themselves off as athletes. I was wrong. They are part of the Brazilian Synchronized Swimming team that begins competition at noon on Thursday.

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As near as I can determine, the gals were a synchronized swim pair back in the mid-2000s. After failing to make the Olympic team in 2008, the retired from the sport (internet rumor mills say they retired to get boob jobs). Still they had lucrative model careers, pretty much always appearing as a pair. Evidently their competitive juices still stirred though and, with the Olympics coming to Rio, the girls decided to come out of retirement. I don’t know if they have continued to compete as a pair or not but they did make the Brazilian squad as part of the eight member team competition.

Photo Shoot Videos

Trident Commercial

I don’t care that I don’t understand Portuguese

Photo Gallery

I don’t know how to organize or present this gallery. Let’s just say pretty much all of the pics of the pair are spectacular. They are well worth the time to scan through them.

Swim team competition gets underway at noon on Thursday Aug 18th. It might just be worth a look.

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