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Federica Pellegrini is a 28 year old Italian swimmer who will be competing in her fourth Olympic games. She first competed in Athens when she won a silver medal in the 200m freestyle event in Ahtns in 2004. In Rome in 2008, she won gold setting a world record in the 200m freestyle finals. In London in 2012, she failed to medal placing fifth in both the 400m and the 200m freestyle races.

Her gold medal winning time in the Rome 200m freestyle remains the world record even today. In 2009, she became the first woman to break the four minute barrier in the 400m freestyle event in the European championships.


In Rio, she will be competing in the 100m and the 200m freestyle events, but today she’s being honored with her fifth Oglympics appearance because she’s the flag bearer for the Italian Olympic team in tonight’s opening ceremonies.

federica pellegrini nazionale italia_00100

Swimsuit model

Catch Federica as she opens up this show for Raffaello D’Angelo’s swimwear collection.

Here are some stills from that show.

federica-pellegrini-bikini-raffaela-dangelo-2013-milano-fashion-week-9Milano, Moda Donna, Primavera Estate 2014. Sfilata Blu Raffaella d'Angelo nella foto Federica Pellegrini Foto:Bona/Chioccia

Other modeling sessions:

Here’s a video from a session she did for Armani.

This one is a photo shoot in the Seychelles.

Here’s a few nice snapshots from that session.

As an attractive world record holder and Olympic champion swimmer, Federica is highly in demand as a swimsuit model. Here are shots from some of her modeling sessions.


Pelligrini’s men

Federica originally graced the pages of Oglympics when she caused a bit of a scandal just before the 2008 Olympics when she was caught in the middle of a love triangle with fellow Olympic swimmer Italian Luca Marin and French Laure Manaudou.

Since then, Pelligrini has left Marin and taken up with another Italian Olympian Filippo Magnini. The two of them posed for this nice spread in an Italian issue of Vanity Fair.

Miscellaneous others:

If you like your women in gold, you might enjoy these.

A bit of a different look from Sportweek magazine.



You’ll be able to catch Federica with the flag this evening, then again in the pool at noon on Monday when she’ll begin qualifying for the 200m freestyle, then again at noon on Wed when the 100m freestyle qualifying starts.

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