The Lange Girls – Alpine Skiing

Who are the Lange Girls you ask?

Lange is a ski boot manufacturer. For decades, they have been producing posters of what basically back in the 50’s and 60’s were called “pin-ups”. Originally, they were just no-name models posing with Lange gear but the models became affectionately known as “Lange Girls”.

Here’s some of the old posters from the 70’s and 80’s.


Image 4092







Around 1990, Lange made a shift in poster strategy. Rather than nameless models, they started hiring Playboy models to exhibit their ware (some of you out there might recognize Pamela Anderson in one of the posters below).

1990 tanya beyer


1992 pamela anderson



Image 4089








Around 2007, Lange made another strategic shift in their modeling strategy. Two shifts, actually. First, they created a “Hometown Hotties” type campaign encourage real users of the products to send in photos applying to be a Lange Girl. Here are some of them:

2008 Local Lange sarah

2010 Manuela Moelgg

2010 Local Lange Denja Rand

2009 Local Lange Amanda

2010 Local Lange Northeast

2010 Local Lange Rocky Mountain Alex Guras

2010 Local Lange California Sophie Dinsenbacher

Lastly, in addition to the Local Lange girls, in 2007, Lange also branched out and started hiring world class profession skiers to model their boots.

Here’s their choices:

2007 Resi Stiegler USA

2007 Resi Steiger

2008 Julia Mancuso – USA

Julia Mancuso modeling for the Lange Girl Poster in Aspen, CO November 24, 2006.

2009 Maria Reisch – Germany

2009 maria riesch

2010 Manuela Moelgg – Italy

2010 Manuela Moelgg

2011 Audrey Bourbannais – Canada

2011 Audrey Bourbonnais

2011 Dominique Gisin – Switzerland

2011 Dominique Gisin

2012 Federica Brignone – Italy


2013 Lara Gut – Switzerland

2013 Lara Gut

2014 Tina Maze – Slovenia

2014 Tina Maze

Sochi Olympics

What’s amazing about this collection of Lange girls (outside of their beauty of course) is how many of them will be competing in Sochi. Training for the Alpine events began today and, over the next 2 1/2 weeks you can expect to catch Resi Stiegler (USA), Julia Mancuso (USA), Maria Riesch (Germany), Dominique Gisin (Switzerland), Frederica Brignone (Italy), Lara Gut, and Tina Maze on the slopes.

And even better, several of them will be featured in Oglympic spreads of their own.

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