Regina Sergeeva – Germany – Gymnastics

I hesitated including Regina because I couldn’t confirm with 100% confidence that she was competing in the Olympics. Both Wikipedia and list her as a competitor for Germany but I couldn’t find her listed on the start list for the gymnastics competition. I have to assume that she is just with the team as an alternate.

Ordinarily, that would be enough to disqualify you. However, like I did with Ineta Radevica in 2008, I’ve decided her photo spread is just too good to leave her out.

If you want to know more about her and her teammates, listen to this video (it will help if you speak German). For those who don’t, she’s the third girl from the left (in the video) and you can skip the listening and just Ogl her.

Or if you want to just skip to the good stuff, watch this video instead.

Here’s a couple of obligatory shots of her performing.

And now the photos that you got glimpses of in the video above:

All said and done, I’m glad I decided to include her.

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  1. I have discovered that Regeena apparently suffered a couple of ankle sprains while training for the Olympics and she was replaced on the team shortly before the start of the games. Since she was originally on the Olympic roster, I’m keeping her as an Oglympian.

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