Ineta Radevica – Latvia – Track

Ineta is a 5’10” 31 year old Latvia long and triple jumper. She went to college in the US at Nebraska where she was the NCAA long jump champ in 2003. At Nebraska she was a seven time NCAA All-American and won numerous Big 12 titles.

She is married to a Russian professional hockey player Petr Schastlivy, who did a couple of NHL stints with the Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks but who know plays for Moscow.

She won the European long jump championship in 2010 and took a third place in the same event at the world championships in 2011. For London, she only qualified for the long jump, so she will not be doing the triple.

London will technically be her third Olympics. At least, she qualified for two others but was unable to actually jump in Beijing because she was pregnant at the time. She is now a two time Oglyr having made my 2008 squad even though she didn’t actually jump (getting totally nude made up for the fact that she wasn’t actually competing).

Ineta is right in the thick of things after the long jump qualification yesterday. She qualified for the finals and currently sits in fourth place. Medal competition starts at 3:05 pm today, so keep an eye out for her if NBC covers the event live (or more likely when they delay broadcast it tonight).

Here are some shots of Ineta winning the European Championships in Barcelona.

And video of her winning jump (by the way, that jump was her personal best and, if she could match it later today, it would currently be good enough for first place):

Here’s video of Ineta modeling for Latvia’s Official Olympic Calendar (at least that’s what I think she was posing for – my Latvian isn’t that good).

Ineta was Miss February for the calendar and here’s the actual photo that was used:

Ineta’s Nudes.

Ineta became an Oglympian by posing for a Playboy Girls of the Olympics spread back in 2004. Here are three photos from her modeling session that I have previously published.

along with a new one that I found:

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  1. Props to Ineta as she took over 1st place in the long jump on her first attempt of the finals. I’ll be back to update when the event is over.

  2. Unfortunately, Ineta’s first jump of the final round didn’t hold up and she was unable to top it. As the round progress, three girls managed to pass Ineta so she wound up in the dreaded fourth spot just one centimeter out of the bronze medal.

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