Christina Schütze and Fanny Rinne – Germany – Field Hockey

In London, Germany will be looking to repeat their surprising gold medal win in field hockey at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Since then the Germans have faired nearly as well in international competition. They lost the bronze medal game in Beijing and their best World Cup finish was eighth in 2006. Looking to recreate that miracle win of 2004 will be filed hockey veterans Fanny Rinne and Christina Schultz.

Fanny Rinne is the undisputed leader of the women’s team. She’s now 32 years old but has been competing on Germany’s National Team since she was 19. She’s been on gold medal winning teams in the Olympic Games (2004), the European Championships (2007), the Champions Trophy (2006), and the Champions Challenge (2003).

I don’t know how good your German is but here’s a video profile on Fanny.

and a video in English from the 2011 EuroHockey Championships – Fanny and the Germans finished as runners-up to the Netherlands.

Fanny is also in high demand in the German ad industry. Here’s some of her photo shoots.

But as cute as she might be, those aren’t the photos that got her onto the Oglympics watch list. These are:

Christina Schütze

Fanny’s gold medal winning (from the Beijing Olympics) teammate , Christina Schütze, is a 28 year old midfielder from Dusseldorf and has take over the baton from Fanny in more ways than one.


Here’s an instructional video of hers

and she’s big on the advertising front as this Adidas ad shows.

And she’s joined Fanny as a Playboy model, appearing in this year’s German Olympic edition.

The others:

While Schütze and Rinne are the stars of the German team for Oglympic fans, they aren’t they only ones to keep an eye out for. Here are some others.

Jana Teschke:


Katharina Otte

Kristina Hillmann

Where to see them.

Your best chance might be today when Germany takes on the US Field Hockey team in a women’s Group B match at 4:15 pm EDT.

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  1. Fanny scored the first goal of the game on a penalty corner as Germany defeated the USA 2-1 in their opening game of round robin play.

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