Let the Games begin – Tatiana Grigorieva update

The Opening Ceremonies are upon us. Not just those in London, but here on Oglympics too. As a preface, I’d like to point you to my original post that describes how Tatiana Grigorieva inspired me to create this site. Tatiana must have not only inspired me, but she also caught the eye of tens of thousands of others (to this day, searches for her are one of the main ways that people find my site).

A lot has happened since I first made that post and my Tatiana photos are very dated. It seems only appropriate that I take this moment to correct that.

As starters, here’s a few of shots of Tatiana pole vaulting

Tatiana also appeared on Dancing with the Stars (I assume the Australian version. Some images from that show.

And lastly, a collection of modeling sessions:

That should whet your appetite for what’s to come.

From here we’ll move onto shots of athletes who will actually be participating in this year’s Olympics. What I will be doing is trying to post a session on an athlete shortly, a few hours up to a day, before their event is due to take place. That way you should be able to catch them competing in their event while also appreciating another side of them.

My next few posts, will be suggestions of things to look for during tonight’s opening ceremonies.

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