Chemmy Alcott – Great Britain – Alpine Skiing

Chemmy Alcott is a 27 year old Alpine skier from London England. She’s been competing on the international circuit for over a decade. The 2010 Olympics in Vancouver will be her third Games following Salt Lake City in 2002 and Torino Italy in 2006.

Chemmy on the slopes

Chemmy was very active at the Vancouver Games competing in all five alpine events – Downhill (13th), Super-Combined (18th), Super-G (20th), Slalom (DNF), and Giant Slalom (25th).

Chemmy does her version of a strip tease

Off the slopes

World Cup Hot Tub Photos

It’s a standard tradition at the end of the World Cup season for the athletes to have a hot tub party. Here’s some photos from last year’s end of season party when Chemmy and fellow Oglympian Julia Mancuso got very close.

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