Women of Curling “Fire on Ice” – Part II

My Women of Curling “Fire and Ice” post has received unprecedented attention on the site. My traffic drove to an all time high yesterday due mainly to the popularity of the girls on the calendar.

I have more good news. I’ve uncovered a bunch of new photos from the calendar series, complete with names for many. Without further ado, here they are:

If you click on the thumbnails, you’ll be able to find the names of the athletes that I have been able to identify.


Out of this bunch of curlers, I’ve been able to identify three that are or were Olympians. They are:

Rosa Pompanin – Italy – 2006 Olympics

Madeleine DuPont – Denmark – 2010 Olympics

Irene Schori – Switzerland – 2010 Olympics

Hope you enjoy this set as much as you seemed to enjoy the first

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