Women of Curling (Fire on Ice) – Part I

Women’s Curling begins round robin play today and for fans of Oglympics that’s good news.

Why? The “Women of Curling” is why. In 2006, several of Curling’s international stars got together and created a calendar called the “Women of Curling”. That calendar was a rousing success. So successful that last year the idea was resurfaced and an updated calendar was created. The good news is that I’ve been able to capture most of the photos from the calendars. I present them here.

Women of Curling

The bad news is that I have only been able to specifically identify a few of the girls in the calendar. Of course, that will only make watching the curling teams compete on TV more fun as you try to figure out if one of the team members appears above (leave a comment if you spot one).

Here’s some of what I’ve uncovered (no pun intended) so far (I’ll update as I identify more).

Kasie Selwand (Poland)

Claudia Toth (Austria)

Melanie Robillard (Germany)

Daniel Jentsch (Germany)

Christine Keshen (Canada)

Kim Brewster (Scotland)

Anna Hartelt (Germany)

Linn Githmark (Norway)

Nicole Joraanstad (USA)

Others rumored to be on the calendar but whose photo I have not been able to identify with any confidence are. I encourage oglyrs to speculate:

Karina Toth (Austria)

Giorgia Apollonio (Italy)

Chrissy Cadorin (Canada)

Debbie McCormick (USA)

Others who I don’t have photos for:

Sonia Dibona (Italy)
Camilla Jensen (Denmark)
Fabienne Fuerbringer (Switzerland)

The calendars are the brainchild of photographer (and curler/model) Ana Arce:

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