Magdalena Neuner – Germany – Biathlon

Magdalena Neuner is a German biathlete who just celebrated her 23rd birthday last week (Feb 9th). The Germans typically dominate the biathlon and Magdalena is generally considered to be the best of the German women having won two World Cup events last month. In the past though, she has shown a tendency to occasionally miss a key shot.

While this videos are in German, Magdalena’s photogenicism and personality clearly come through.

Magdalena wins a medal today.

In the first full day of athletic competition Magdalena came up with an inspiring effort that fell just short of a gold medal in biathlon. Magdalena was the prohibitive favorite to win the gold but she unfortunately missed one of her targets in the shooting portion of the event. By rule, that required Magdalene to ski a penalty lap that added about 30 seconds to her time. She is known as one of the fastest skiers in the event but she also has a reputation for all too often missing a shot. Today was one of those days where the shooting failed her. She wound up 1.5 seconds behind Anastastiya Kuzmina of Slovakia who took the gold in 19 minutes, 55.6 seconds.

Magdalena on the course

Magdalena’s Modeling Sessions

Biathlon is a big sport in Germany and Madgalena has used her good looks to her advantage signing numerous endorsement contracts. Here’s a video of a recent modeling photo shoot and some of the resulting shots that came out of the session.

Also be sure to catch the Magdalena Wallpaper Gallery that I’ve put up.

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