End of games update – Vol IV no 13

Now that the Olympics have officially closed, here’s an update on the athletic performance of each of my honorees.

Vol IV no 1 – Amanda Beard – USA – Swimming
No change from the mid games report, Beard was only in one event in the Olympics and came in sixth in her heat of the 200m breaststroke and failed to advance.

Vol IV no 2 – Dara Torres – USA – Swimming

Dara had just completed her Olympics when I published the mid-games report so there’s been no change. In short she won three silvers, one each in the 4×100 freestyle medley, the 50m freestyle, and the 4×100 medley relay – not bad for a 41 year old mother of a two-year old.

Vol IV no 3 – Laure Manaudou – France – Swimming and Federica Pelligrini – Italy – Swimming

As reported earlier, Manaudou made it to the finals the 400m freestyle, where she finished eighth, and the 100m backstroke, where she finished 7th but failed to make it to the finals of the 200m backstroke where she finished eighth in the semifinals.

Pelligrini’s Olympics were also over as of the mid-games report. Her final tally – failed to advance in the 4×100 freestyle relay, and the 4×100 medley relay, sixth in the 400m freestyle, fourth in the 4×200 freestyle relay, and a gold medal in the 200m freestyle.

Vol IV no 4 – Fanny Rinne – Germany – Field Hockey
As of the mid-games report, Fanny and Germany were still competing, having advance to the field hockey semifinals. Unfortunately, Germany lost 2-3 to the host Chinese in the semis, then dropped the consolation bronze medal match 1-3 to Argentina, to disappointingly wind up medal less in Beijing.

Vol IV no 5 – Stephanie Rice – Australia – Swimming

Stephanie Rice has also completed her Olympics as of the mid-games report, claiming gold in all three events that she participated in – the 400m individual medley, the 200m individual medley, and the 4×200 freestyle relay for an undefeated Olympics. In the mid games report, I asked this rhetorical question “A beauty and the best in the world – what more can you ask?”. In this report, I guess I can provide a possible answer because at least one news organization has printed rumors that she has been spotted snuggling with Michael Phelps.

Vol IV no 6 – Britte Heidemann – Germany – Fencing

Britte’s Olympic’s were also over as of the mid games report. But it certainly was a great Olympics as she tallied a gold medal in the individual epee event.

Vol IV no 7a – Katharina Schulz – Germany Field Hockey
As mentioned in my Fanny Ritte post, Germany disappointingly did not medal in field hockey.

Vol IV no 7b – Petra Niemann – Germany – sailing
Petra finished out of the medal race in 15th place of the 28 sailors that were competing.

Vol IV no 7c – Romy Tarangul – Germany – Judo
As reported earlier, Romy was out of her judo competition early even before the Playboy issue had hit the newstand.

Vol IV no 7d – Nicole Reinhardt – Germany – Kayak
Nicole powered home to a gold medal in the 500m K4 Kayak. Her gold medal performance also helped spike my site stats as my visitors quadrupled the day following her victory. Disappointingly, she finished a distant fourth in the 500m K2 Kayak, an event where she and her partner were one of the favorites.

Vol IV no 9 – Amy Acuff – United States – high jump
Amy finished 9th in her group clearing 1.89 meters but failing at the next height of 1.93 meters which would have qualified her for the finals (low 12 and ties). Her final overall standings, based on misses, was 19th.

Vol IV no 10 – Francesca Piccinini – Italy – Volleyball

Italy was the considered one of the favorites, along with Brazil, for a gold medal in the Olympics. Not surprisingly, the Italians went undefeated in pool play, losing only one game in the process, to easily advance to the medal round. Unfortunately for Oglyrs, the Italians ran up against the surprising American team in the quarterfinals and the Americans prevailed 3-2 knocking the Italians out of medal contention.

UncleLar bonus nominee – Leryn Franco – Paraquay – Track
Leryn got her 15 minutes of fame when she caught the eye of one of the cameramen at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. When some intrepid internet devotees of the female form like myself track down her name and discovered her calendar, she became an internet phenomena for a couple of days. Unfortunately, her performance in the field didn’t quite match her looks as she finished 25th in her javeline qualifier. That was only good enough for 51st place out of 54 competitors (two of whom didn’t get a measurable throw so Leryn only actually threw the javelin further than one other person). Still, her calendar was worth posting.

Vol IV no 11 – Ineta Radevica – Serbia – Track
As mentioned on my post, although Ineta was an official Olympian, her pregnancy prevented her from actually competing in Beijing.

Vol IV no 12 – Lauren Jackson – Australia – Basketball
Lauren and her team the Opals, the nickname of the Aussie women’s basketball squad, lost to the Americans in the gold medal game for the second straight Olympics. While losing was certainly disappointing to the girls on the squad, the Americans have now won four Olympic golds in a row, so a silver medal performance is nothing to be ashamed about.

Well, the games may have come to a conclusion but rest assured that I have not. Over the next few days, I will be following up with some special editions. One will cover those athletes who just quite didn’t make the cut for one of my posts but who are nonetheless quite beautiful in their own right. And I will also be creating an UncleLar Hall of Fame which will pick the best from not just this summers event but from the previous versions of my newsletter which I did not put online.

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