Ineta Radevica – Latvia – Track – Vol IV no 11

Radevica become the first Latvian to make one of my newsletters. She is a 5’9″ 27 year-old long jumper from Latvia. She finished eighth in the 2008 World Indoor Championships so she’s definitely a world class athlete.

She was also won two NCAA championships for Nebraska when she jumped for them earlier this decade. Here’s a shot from her Nebraska track days (Ineta is on the far left).

Beijing will be Ineta’s second Olympics. She competed in Athens in 2004 and finished 13th in the triple jump and 20th in the long jump. She is married to Russian ice hockey player Petr Schastliviy.

Here’s an intriguing series of stop action photos of Ineta in action in the middle of a triple jump sequence.

Here’s a video of her jumping at the 2005 European Indoor championships and another jump from this past winter, before she got pregnant, in Russia. At least these prove that some “white girls can jump”.

In a way, I suppose that Radevica should come with an asterisk. She is a 2008 Olympian and is officially on the Latvian team but she will not be competing because she managed to get pregnant which has derailed her plans for this summer.

However, these photos helped convince me to wipe out any asterisk and move her into the Oglympics site.

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