Francesca Piccinini – Italy – Volleyball – Vol IV no 10

Today was a good day for US Volleyball fans because the United States beat Italy, the #2 ranked womens team in the world in the Olympic quarterfinals. However, that also meant it was a bad day for Oglyrs as the Italian loss meant that Francesca Piccinini’s Olympics were over.

Piccinini is a 29 year old Italian who is arguably the best women’s volleyballer in the world. What she is unarguably is a spectacularly beautiful women who has no qualms about taking her clothes off.

Beijing is Francesca’s third Olympics with the Italian team and they had high hope for a medal but those hopes were dashed by the US women in the opening round of medal play.

Some on court shots

Off court

Francesca has become an internet fave because of her propensity to run around without her clothes on. You can find candid topless shots of her, modeling session shots, calendar shots, etc. Without a doubt she is one of the most downloaded women athletes in the world.



Modeling sessions:

Athens Olympics Calendar

One of the biggest splashes that Francesca made was with her Olympic Calendar for Men’s Health Magazine before the 2004 Athens Olympics. Here are a couple of shots from that session but I’ve included the complete photo shoot in another post to keep the length of this one reasonable.

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