Stephanie Rice – Australia – Swimming – Vol IV no 5

Personal Info:

Stephanie Rice is a 20 year old swimmer from Brisbane Australia. She is spectacularly gorgeous and has numerous modeling and endorsement contracts. Up until just before the Olympics she was romantically involved with her fellow Aussie swimmer Eamon Sullivan, the world record holder in the 50m freestyle. Here are some photo from a joint modeling session that she and Sullivan did.

Swimming achievements:

Coming into the Olympics, Stephanie was the world record holder in the 200m and 400m individual medley. She was the first woman to break the 4:30 barrier for the 400m IM. Over the last year, Stephanie, Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe, and American Katie Hoff have been trading victories and records in the IM events. Here are the three at the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne.

From left: Stephanie Rice, Kristy Coventry, Katie Hoff
From left: Stephanie Rice, Kristy Coventry, Katie Hoff

Based on her world records, set in the Australian Olympic trials, Stephanie will be the #1 ranked women in both events for the Olympics.

Here are some shots of Rice in the pool practicing some of her strokes and just generally looking good.

Olympic achievements:

The 400m individual medley finals were yesterday and has been the typical case for the last year or so, the threesome once again shared the victory platform. This time Rice won the gold setting a new world record, Coventry took the silver, and Hoff settled for the bronze.

Tonight the same three, joined by UncleLar fave Natalie Coughling. Based semifinal times, Coventry is seeded first, Rice second, Hoff third, and Coughlin fourth. With Coughlin in the race, you can guarantee this will get prime time NBC coverage.

Stephanie’s modeling work:

Rice is quite beautiful and has had several modeling assignments. Here’s a sampling of her work.

FHM Magazine:

Stephanie posed for a very sexy session with FHM Magazine. Here’s a couple of shots from the session:

The rest of the FHM magazine photo shoot can be seen here.

Youthful indescretions:
Now we finally get to the reason that Steph makes the site today. Like many teenagers before her, and like many more who will follow after her, Stephanie discovered that Facebook isn’t a particularly private way to share photos. If you are any kind of public figure, much less a world record holder in swimming, anything you post on Facebook will show up around the world in a flash.

Stephanie’s photos are actually quite harmless. It’s fairly easy to tell that they are part of costume affairs, most likely Halloween parties. However, some people considered them a little risque for an 18/19 year old. I’ve compiled a good bunch of them into a gallery that can be found here.

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  1. No real surprise.

    Rice repeats her gold medal performance in the 400m IM, while Coventry comes takes the silver. The only little thing out of form was Natalie Coughlin displacing Katie Hoff for third. Hoff was competing in her second event in less than an hour and that might have impacted her and prevented the normal troika from mounting the medals platform – or Coughlin could be the odd factor as this event was just added to her repertoire.

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