Amanda Beard – USA – Swimming – Vol IV no 1

As I covered in the first newsletter of the 2004 Olympics, the opening ceremonies actually included some nudity. Given the repressive atmosphere of the Chinese nation, I doubt that anyone expected a repeat performance. That’s not to say that Olympian nudity hasn’t been in the news the last couple of days – it certainly has.

American swimmer, Amanda Beard, chose the Olympic stage as the forum for the launch of a new PETA publicity campaign to draw attention to animal rights. Amanda became the latest celebrity to appear nude on a PETA poster joining the likes of actresses Eva Mendez, Christina Applegate, Alicia Silverstone, and a whole host of B-listers.

Here she shows off her poster to a bunch of reporters just outside of the Olympic Village according to the LA Times

Now I’m not a big fan of Peta but I do have to give them credit for being able to get celebrities to drop their clothes in the name of a cause (see the aforementioned Eva Mendez and Silverstone’s video below).
Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA

I do however take issue with some of the hypocritical self righteousness BS that comes out of these celebrities mouths as they extol the virtues of not wearing or eating animals. Here’s Amanda’s comments on the animal rights issue (before forewarned there is some graphic footage involving animal abuse in the video).

Amanda gives her views on animal rights in this interview released by PETA.

The Orange County Register reports several instances in the past where Beard has commented on leather shoes and jackets which she wears and loves. And here’s a photo of her trying on some sheepskin boots before the ESPYs.

In the video interview, Amanda says

“Seeing animals slaughtered to be worn as fashion is awful to me, so I’m definitely against wearing fur … I’d much rather go naked than ever put a dead animal on my body.“

On her body is a no-no but on her feet is OK? Doesn’t make sense to me.

The Peta controversy aside, Amanda has come a long way since she was a wide eyed innocent 14 year old clutching her Teddy bear on the Olympic medal platform as she won two medals in Atlantic City. That shy teenager has turned into quite a women

When I included Amanda in my Olympian newsletter four years ago, I actually apologized to my readers for the faux nudity in the photos. Since that time Amanda taken the opportunity to shed her duds several times. Fortunately, she made the Olympic team again so those shots won’t go to waste. I am going to hold off on those until she actually starts competing.

I do have one more shot though. For those who couldn’t get a good enough look at the actual poster that Amanda is holding up in the photos above, here’s a better image (click on the photo to see the full image).

Amanda Beard duffs her duds for Peta

I’m also going to leak a little news that I’ve got so many quality shots of Amanda that I’ve already decided she will be a member of the inaugural class in UncleLar’s Nude Olympian Hall of Fame that I’ll be announcing over the next 16 days of Olympic competition.

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