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Olga Graf – Russia – Speedskating

Posted in Winter 2010
Olga Graf - Russia - Speedskating

Olga is a 31 year old speedskater from Russia. Sochi is her first Olympic Games. Olga wasn’t even on my Oglympics watch list coming into these games. However, she vaulted onto the site with her bronze medal in the women’s 5000m – or I should say she got there immediately AFTER her performance. It seems […]

Allison Baver – USA – Speedskating

Posted in Winter 2010
Allison Baver - USA - Speedskating

US short track speedskater, and fellow PSU alum, Allison Baver, captured a bronze medal by skating a leg in the women’s 3,000-meter relay on Wednesday night.

Anni Friesinger – Germany – Speedskating

Posted in Winter 2010
Anni Friesinger - Germany - Speedskating

Get a gander at what’s hidden underneath the skin tight suit of Germany’s World Champion speed skater Anni Friesinger.