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Russian Curling Team

Posted in Winter 2014
Russian Curling Team

My prediction coming into the Olympics was that the Russian women’s curling team were going to be the stars of the Olympics. If you look around the other curling teams, you might find one good looking woman on the team. With the Russians, all four will catch your eye. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktroP_vp-JM Here are some shots of […]

Carmen Schäfer – Switzerland – Curling

Posted in Winter 2014
Carmen Schäfer - Switzerland - Curling

Carmen is a curler from Switzerland who will be competing in her second Olympic Games in Sochi (the Swiss finished fourth in Vancouver in 2010). She throws third on the Swiss team. Carmen and the Swiss won the world championship in 2012. The curling competition opened this morning with round robin play beginning. The Swiss […]

Women of Curling “Fire on Ice” – Part II

Posted in Hall of Fame, Winter 2010
Women of Curling

I’ve uncovered a bunch of new photos from the calendar series, complete with names for many.

Women of Curling (Fire on Ice) – Part I

Posted in Winter 2010
Women of Curling (Fire on Ice) - Part I

“Fire on Ice” is a collection of photos of women curlers by Ana Arce. Ana has repackaged those photos into calendars that are sold for fund raising for curling programs around the world. I’ve captured many of these photos here.