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Camilla Herrem – Norway – Handball

Posted in Summer 2016
Camilla Herrem - Norway - Handball

Camilla Herrem is a 29 year old 5’5″ Norweigen team handball player from Sola Norway. Norway finished third in Rio which game Camilla a bronze medal to go with the gold medal she won in London in 2012. She also has gold medals from two World Championships (2011 in Brazil and 2015 in Denmark) and […]

Golf Goddesses Henderson, Pettersen, Thompson

Posted in Summer 2016
Golf Goddesses Henderson, Pettersen, Thompson

The Olympic golf organizing committee has done us Oglympian fans a big favor by putting the trio of Brooke Henderson (Canada), Suzann Pettersen (Norway) and, Lexi Thompson (USA) together for the opening two rounds of the inaugural women’s golf tournament in the Olympics. Brooke Henderson Brooke Henderson is an 5’4″ 18 year old LPGA Tour […]

Therese Johaug – Norway – Cross Country Skiing (Sochi edition)

Posted in Winter 2014
Therese Johaug - Norway - Cross Country Skiing (Sochi edition)

Therese Johaug is a 25 year old cross country skier for Norway. Sochi will be her second Olympics. She previously competed in Vancouver where she came home with a gold medal in the 4x5km relay. She’s also a repeat Oglympian, having appeared here in 2010 also. In Sochi, she’s already competed in three events and […]

Silje Norendal – Norway – Snowboarding

Posted in Winter 2014
Silje Norendal - Norway - Snowboarding

Silje Norendal is a 20 year old Norweigan snowboarder who’s specializing in Slopestyle in Sochi. She and Jamie Anderson are generally consider to be the two best slopestylers in the world. Here’s she is in a casual practice run in Breckenridge a couple of years ago. Personal Blog Twitter Facebook Photo Gallery: Silje is a […]

Therese Johaug – Norway – Cross Country Skiing

Posted in Winter 2010
Therese Johaug - Norway - Cross Country Skiing

Therese Johaug has already claimed a gold for Norway in the 4x5km relay and, as a Norweigan, she will be one of the favorites to possibly medal in today’s 30 km mass start. She also has a fifth place finish in the 15 km pursuit.