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French Soccer Team

Posted in Summer 2012
French Soccer Team

Fortunately for me (and my fellow Oglyrs) four members of Frances soccer team were kind enough to pose nude for Bild. They were Corrine Franco, Sarah Bouhaddi, Gaetane Thiney, and Elodie Thomis. Just for good measure, I added one, Laure Boulleau, who gets in without taking her clothes off for just being gorgeous. First some […]

Swimming Soap Opera – Vol IV no 3

Posted in Summer 2008
Swimming Soap Opera - Vol IV no 3

NBC will be covering the women’s 400m freestyle qualifying Sunday afternoon from 4-6PM EDT. Somehow I don’t think they’ll cover this story. Then agaiin, it’s just juicy enough that it might get mentioned but it sure won’t be covered like I’m about to.