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Jaqueline Carvalho – Brazil – Volleyball

Posted in Summer 2016
Jaqueline Carvalho - Brazil - Volleyball

Jaqueline Maria Pereira de Carvalho Endres is a 32 year old 6’1″ 154 lb volleyball player from Permambuco Brazil – as with most Brazilian athletes she goes by one name, Jacqueline. She is married to Murilo Endres, who is also a Brazilian volleyball player. Rio will be Jaqueline’s third Olympics as she was on Brazil’s […]

Beatriz and Branca Feres – Brazil – Synchronized Swimming

Posted in Summer 2016
Beatriz and Branca Feres - Brazil - Synchronized Swimming

Just like with Michelle Jenneke, I’ve been praying for four years that these gals would qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Even though they are little known to most people, pictures of these gals top many, if not most lists of Hottest Women Athletes. To be honest, I had my doubts that these two were the […]

Jade Barbosa – Brazil – Gymnastics

Posted in Summer 2016
Jade Barbosa - Brazil - Gymnastics

Jade Barbosa is 25 year old 4’11” 99 lb gymnast from Brazi. She has been competing for Brazil since she was 16 years old. Rio will be Jade’s second Olympics as she helped Brazil make the team finals finishing tenth in the All-Around in 2008. Here’s a compilation of some of Jade’s gymnastics work. On […]

Gisele Bundchen – Brazil – Opening Ceremonies

Posted in Summer 2016
Gisele Bundchen - Brazil - Opening Ceremonies

Without a doubt, the star of last night’s opening ceremonies was Gisele Bundchen. Her catwalk across Brazil’s famed Maracanã Stadium not only thrilled the local crowd but clearly captured the eyes of billions across the planet. Her walk was a natural that ordinarily would have inspired hundreds of gifs to pop up across the internet, […]