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Darya Klishina is a 25 year old 5’11” long jumper from Tver, Russia. She’s been competing internationally ever since she place first it the World Youth Championships almost a decade ago (2007). However, Rio will be her first Olympic Games. She consistently places in the top ten in her competitions so she is expected to make it through tomorrow night’s long jump qualification.

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Doping Controversy

Darya’s been smack in the middle of the whole Russian team doping ban with her status yoyoing back and forth. Originally, the entire Russian track team was banned from competition at the Olympics. Darya filed an appeal founded on the fact that she has been based in the US for over three years and has been tested and come up clean numerous times over that timeframe. Her position was she shouldn’t be made a victim of incidents that were happening thousands of miles away from her.

While she originally received a favorable ruling, as recently as two days ago, the IAAF had again banned her. Darya again appealed and just hours ago, she was cleared to compete in tomorrow’s long jump qualifying.

Darya Klishina on Twitter

Yesterday I appealed the decision by the IAAF to ban me from the Rio Olympic Games and other IAAF international… https://t.co/68iXFqiOR8

If these videos don’t get you pumped up to see Darya compete tomorrow night, then you need to get your hormones checked.

Competition Gallery


In addition to her athletic abilities, she’s also a total knockout. You’d be hard pressed to find any list of the world’s most beautiful athletes that doesn’t include Darya. These candids just hint at her beauty.


Here is an excellent video taken in 2011 that gives you a bit of insight into Darya’s life off the field as a fashion model.

And these pics should confirm that she could probably make as nice a living on the fashion runway as she does on the long jump runway.

Sexy Photo Shoots

She’s also done a couple of photos shoots that have a bit more of an edge to them than the others that I’ve included.

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