Jade Barbosa – Brazil – Gymnastics

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Jade Barbosa is 25 year old 4’11” 99 lb gymnast from Brazi. She has been competing for Brazil since she was 16 years old. Rio will be Jade’s second Olympics as she helped Brazil make the team finals finishing tenth in the All-Around in 2008.

Here’s a compilation of some of Jade’s gymnastics work.

On the Web

Website: JadeBarbosa.com.br
Facebook: JadeBarbosaOficial
Instagram: @jade_barbosa

Selfie Queen

Jade is particularly well built for a gymnast. Fortunately, for those of us at Oglympics, she’s also a selfie queen who is narcistic enough to constantly show off her wonderful body via some spectacular selfies.

Rio Pics

Last night, Jade helped qualify for the women’s team finals so we have some good pics and video of her performing before her fellow countrymen.

Photo Gallery

In addition to her selfies, I have a fair number of other great pics of her.

Next Event

Look for Jade tomorrow afternoon (Aug 9th) at 3 pm as she’ll lead Brazil into the team finals competition.

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