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Hope Solo is 35 year old 5’9″ goalkeeper for the US Soccer Team. She’s been a member of the national team since 2000 (while still playing for the University of Washington) and took over the starting goalie position in 2005. Rio will be her third Olympics.

Personal Data

Website: HopeSolo.com
Facebook: hopesolo
Twitter: @hopesolo
Instagram: hopesolo

Zika Controversy

Always controversial, Hope’s posting of the following to her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts shortly before the start of the Olympics not unsurprisingly turned most of the nation of Brazil against her. So far, every time she’s touched the ball in the Olympics the crowds start taunting her with cheers of “Zika, Zika”

Hope Solo on Twitter

Not sharing this!!! Get your own! #zikaproof #RoadToRio

She also followed it up with this post

Hope Solo on Twitter

If anyone in the village forgets to pack repellent, come and see me…#DeptOfDefense #zikaproof

The fans have responded with

Athletic accomplishments

Controversy aside, Hope’s athletic accomplishments are undeniable. She holds several U.S. goalkeeper records including appearances (200), starts (189), wins (153), shutouts (102), wins in a season (26), consecutive minutes played (1,256), and longest undefeated streak (55 games). She’s without a doubt the best goalkeeper in the history of women’s soccer not just in the US but arguably the entire world.

Rio Photos

Photo Galleries

In addition to being a very accomplished athlete, Hope is also pretty damned good looking. Here’s a gallery of shots to prove my point.

Dancing with the Stars

Here are a few videos from Hope’s appearance on “Dancing With The Stars”.

As sexy as their dancing was, there apparently wasn’t much chemistry between Hope and her partner Maksim Chmerkovsky. Max was quoted as saying “”She’s just a shitty person. You can have a shitty life growing up, but if you’re a bad person, there’s no excuse for that.” Hope isn’t exactly known for making friends.

ESPN The Body Issue

Now we get to the good stuff. Hope posed for ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue in 2011. Here are her pics from the issue.

Leaked Nudes

In 2014, Hope was one of many celebrities who had the cloud storage of their mobile phones hacked. It turns out that Hope had some pretty raunchy photos on her phone that were leaked onto the web. I’m fortunate enough to have copies of them but am reluctant to put them up. They were obviously taken in her hotel room and were probably part of some sext messaging that was going on between her and her husband. This one is probably the only one that I’ll actually post. The others are far too intimate (with a little editing/blurring, I thought I could bring a couple up to an acceptable standard for this site.

Hope iCloud Hack 01

Next Game

Pool play continues for Hope and the rest of the gals when they meet Columbia at 6 pm EDT on Tuesday August 9th.

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