Gisele Bundchen – Brazil – Opening Ceremonies


Without a doubt, the star of last night’s opening ceremonies was Gisele Bundchen. Her catwalk across Brazil’s famed Maracanã Stadium not only thrilled the local crowd but clearly captured the eyes of billions across the planet. Her walk was a natural that ordinarily would have inspired hundreds of gifs to pop up across the internet, but the IOC’s ban on gifs from Rio apparently is having a huge effect (I caught one brilliant gif last night in a tweet but that has quickly disappeared – I also created one myself but I’m reluctant to put it up for fear that the GIF Nazi’s will take my site down – so no gif, at least for the moment).

Here’s an instagram post from her personal account which hopefully will stay up for a while.

Energia indescritível! #eternamentegrata #forevergrateful 🙏🏼

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The NBC cameras also captured Gisele dancing in the crowd during the final parade of athletes. She was almost as captivating then as she was with her walk.

For those who might live in a cave and not know who Gisele is, she’s Brazil’s finest export. A retired supermodel, and wife of Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Gisele came out of retirement for one last stroll across the Olympic Stadium. Gisele described it as easily the longest catwalk of her life.

Personal Links

Instagram: gisele
Twitter: @giseleofficial

Supermodel Shots:

Since Gisele is a supermodel, there’s not lack of pics of her on the internet. I’ve just grabbed a small sample of some of her best.

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