Therese Johaug – Norway – Cross Country Skiing (Sochi edition)


Therese Johaug is a 25 year old cross country skier for Norway. Sochi will be her second Olympics. She previously competed in Vancouver where she came home with a gold medal in the 4x5km relay.

She’s also a repeat Oglympian, having appeared here in 2010 also.

In Sochi, she’s already competed in three events and been on the podium once with a bronze medal in the 10km Classic. She goes for another medal today in the 30km Mass Start where she and the other Norwegians will be among the favorites (the race has already finished but I won’t be a spoiler for later broadcast by NBC).

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Video Profiles

Therese plays Truth or Dare

I wish I had an English translation of this

Modeling career

Therese maintains a successful modeling career outside of her athletic career.

Photo Gallery

Another example of where I have too many photos and have to narrow them a bit.

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