Tina Maze – Slovenia – Alpine Skiing – Sochi Edition


Tina is a spokesperson for Zlatarna Celje jewelry, so I thought I’d use one of her advertisements to lead off her post.



Tina is a 30 year old Slovenian alpine skier. Sochi is her fourth Olympic games and she’s brought home three medals (1 gold, 2 silver). She had a historic tie with Dominique Gisin of Switzerland in the downhill today in Sochi. Her best event is generally considered to be the yet to be contested Giant Slalom so she has a good shot at being a double gold medal winner in Sochi.

Tina is also a making a repeat appearance in Oglympics. Not only did she appear in the aforementioned Lange Girls, but she was also an Oglympian in 2010.

Here’s a pre-Olympic interview she did as part of FIS Alpine’s “Skiing to Sochi” series.

Recording career

It turns out that Tina is a pretty good recording artist too. Here’s her recording of “My Way Is My Decision” which was a chart topper in Slovenia.

Here’s a photo session she did for Zlatarna Celje Jewelers.

Tina Maze naked02

Tina Maze nude

Tina Maze nude02


Tina Maze naked





Tina strips to her bra

Back in 2012, Tina was involved in a bit of a controversy when the Swiss ski team protested that her underwear gave her an aerodynamic advantage – you heard that right, her UNDERWEAR. In a response to their protest, Tina flashed the press at the completion of her World Cup run. When she unzipped her top, she had written “Not Your Business” on her bra (see photo below).


Tina nude

Of course, the above photo left a lot to the imagination while the candid below does not. Tina was caught flashing all her wares on a nude beach.

Tina Maze Nude

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