Netherlands Field Hockey Team

Congrats to the Netherland’s Field Hockey team as they defeated Argentina in the gold medal game today spoiling Oglympian Luciana Aymar’s retirement party. The Dutch girls have been a real hit, not only for their play but also for their overall beauty. Before I single out any of them, I wanted to honor them as a group.

This video explains it all

Some action shots will show you how fine they look even while playing:

Of course, even with a collective bunch that are this hot, we are bound to have a few favorites so here they are:

Up first is video from a photo shoot that three members, Ellen Hoog, Naomi van As, and Sophie Polkamp, did for Sportweek.

And here’s some pics of each from that photo shoot and others:

Ellen Hoog:

Sophie Polkamp

Naomi van As

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