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An Oglympics appearance seemed to do wonders for Ineta Radevica yesterday so we’re going to start today off with another oldie but gookie in Amy Acuff. Acuff is a 6’2″ 37 year old high jumper for the United States. London will be her fifth Olympic appearance (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012) and today is her second Oglympic appearance (2008, 2012).

When she steps on the track later today (4:30 am EDT) she will become the sixth American track and field athlete to appear in five Olympics. She actually retired in 2009 when she got pregnant but came out of retirement after giving birth to a daughter to give London one last shot. Somewhat surprisingly she made the team competing against much much younger athletes.

If it seems like Amy has been jumping forever, it’s probably because she has. She was competing internationally as a 17 year old, then went on to UCLA where she won six NCAA championships, and made the Olympic team while still in college.

In this news story from a hometown Austin TV station we get to see video of Amy jumping back in high school. The video also shows that the 20 years plus since have been good to her as she is still pretty good looking.

As an interesting aside, one of the people she edged out in the Olympic trials in Oregon was a 15 year old high school sophomore, Gabby Wilson of Reed (Nev). Gabby cleared 6′ 2.25″ to finish fifth. By clearing that height, Gabby tied the high school sophomore national record set 21 years ago by, you guessed it, Amy Acuff.

In addition to her athletic career, Amy has been quite successful modeling. She’s appeared in and on the cover of Playboy, Vogue, Glamour, Esquire, Rolling Stone, FHM and Maxim. It’s those photo sessions that have earned her a place here in the Oglympics. Here are shots from some of those sessions.

Amy’s Esquire, FHM, Maxiim and Playboy sessions:

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