Francesca Piccinini – Italy – Volleyball

Francesca is 33 year old Italian volleyball player. She’s a four time Olympian, and now a three time Oglympian. She just might be the most beautiful women to appear on my site (she’s already an inductee into my Hall of Fame).

Francesca made the headlines shortly before the 2004 Olympics when she posed for a calendar for men’s health. I posted the complete calendar in a previous post. Do not, repeat do not miss viewing it. She’s spectacularly gorgeous and spectacularly naked. Here’s a publicity shot and the cover to tempt you to visit.

If that doesn’t get you to hit the link, then this “making of” video ought to do it for sure.

For more great visuals, you can also find numerous wallpaper shots similar to this one in a post I made during the 2008 Olympics.

I’ve held back on putting up a new Francesca post with the anticipation that Italy would be meeting up with the US in a medal round volleyball game. Unfortunately, South Korea upset the apple cart when they knocked off Italy yesterday to eliminate Francesca and crew from the games. The US will now face the Koreans in the volleyball semifinals.

Seemingly not to disappoint all of her adoring fans, Francesca made another magazine appearance before the games. This time it was in the December 2011 Italian issue of Playboy. Compared to past magazine sessions this one was quite mild but here are the photos anyway.

All this nudity shouldn’t downplay her athletic ability. For years she’s been considered one of the best volleyball players in the world. For most of the last decade, she’s been the best player on arguably the best volleyball team in the world. The titles she’s won are too numerous to mentions but you can get a taste of her athletic talents on this highlight video.

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