Zara Dampney – Great Britain – Beach Volleyball

Zara Dampney is a 5’10” 26 year old beach volleyball player from Great Britain. She is a convert to the beach from indoor volleyball. She and her partner, Shauna Mullin, claimed a host country spot in the 2012 London Olympics.

Here’s a pre-Olympic video of the two Brits promoting their sport for their home country.

As mentioned in the video, Zara and her partner gained considerable publicity for themselves and their sport when they peddled advertising space on their butts using QR (Quick Response) codes. Undoubtedly that makes her butt one of the most photographed on the beach volleyball circuit since QR codes are designed to be photographed by cell phones. Here are some promotional shots from that campaign.

Of the four girls in the campaign, I vote for Zara (on the far right) as having the best butt.

Since the Olympics don’t allow advertising, the gals had to drop the QR codes from their suits during the games. That didn’t stop them from being oft photographed.

In another publicity stunt, Zara posed nude along with other British Olympians (including fellow Oglympic star Victoria Pendleton).

I’ve tried looking closely but can’t find any QR codes on her here.

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