Lolo Jones – USA – Track

Lolo Jones is a 30 year old high hurdler from the US. She’ll be competing in her second Olympics. Unfortunately, she won’t be favored to win like she was in Beijing when she tragically hit a hurdle and failed to medal.

The easiest way to learn more about Lolo is to watch this video about her growing up.

Hurdlers, pole vaulters, and heptathletes seem to have notoriously ripped bodies and Lolo is no exception. Take a look at the abs on her in some of these photos.

Lolo’s beauty really comes out in some of these photo shoots that she has done:

Lolo’s beauty and fitness makes her a favorite for health and lifestyle magazine covers

But it wasn’t the cover of a magazine that landed Lolo here in Oglympics, it was this photo from inside a magazine, specifically ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue.

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  1. Lolo came up just short in her bid for an Olympic medal as she finished fourth in the hurdles finsls tonight.

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