French Soccer Team

Fortunately for me (and my fellow Oglyrs) four members of Frances soccer team were kind enough to pose nude for Bild. They were Corrine Franco, Sarah Bouhaddi, Gaetane Thiney, and Elodie Thomis. Just for good measure, I added one, Laure Boulleau, who gets in without taking her clothes off for just being gorgeous.

First some background on each.

Gaetanne Thiney is 26 year old midfielder who has been on the French National Team since 2007. My French sucks but I present this video from what appears to be some sort of awards show partially in the hopes that you French speakers out there might learn something about Gaetanne but mostly because she looks pretty hot in it.

Here are a few candids and modeling shots to whet your appetite for later:

Corine Franco is 28 year old defensive back. London will be her first Olympics but she was on the national team previously from 2003-2006.

For her I’m taking the cheap route and just putting up a fan video that has a bunch of photos of her.

Laure Boulleau is a 27 year old midfielder. She didn’t take her clothes off for Playboy but she’s certainly attractive enough to get included her. Check her out in this commercial she did for Nike.

And some photos:

Sarah Bouhaddi is a 25 year old goalkeeper, like the others, in her first Olympics. Can’t say that I was able to dig up too many photos of her. Here’s three:

Elodie Thomas is a 25 year old forward. She will also be making her first Olympic appearance.

And here are the shots without clothes on:

France lost to Japan in the semifinal appearance and will meet Canada for the bronze medal.

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