Maria Sharapova – Russia – Tennis

Sharapova was already feature once during this Olympics since she was the flag bearer for Russia at the opening ceremonies. This time she gets feature for her athletic ability since she is in the gold medal match this morning against Serena Williams in a match that is being advertised as a Golden Slam. Both Sharapova and Williams can claim tennis’s Grand Slam (winning all four major tournament – Wimbledon along with the French, Australian, and US Opens) but neither of them have an individual Olympic gold medal. Whoever wins today will, hence the Golden Slam. Steffi Graf is the only female to have won a Golden Slam.

Maria’s athletic accomplishments are too numerous to list. The fact that she is only the tenth woman in history to ever win tennis’s Grand Slam says it all.

Maria is the most liked female athlete on Facebook – and with this Facebook profile photo, it’s easy to see why.

My first Maria post was mainly a collection of Sharapova wallpapers. As a change of pace for this one, we’ll give you a bunch of swimsuit shots.


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