Britta Heidemann – Germany – Fencing

Controversy surrounded today’s individual epee medal round in London today and Britta Heidemann was right in the center of it. More on that later, but first some background.

Britta is a 29 year old epee specialist for the German fencing team. In London, she will be competing in both individual epee and team epee for the German squad. In addition to being knockout gorgeous she’s world class in her event.

She’s earned four team epee bronze medals fencing for Germany in the World Championships and, in 2007, she captured gold in the individual epee at the worlds. Her Olympic results have been even better, capturing a team epee bronze in Athens, then gold in Beijing in 2008 – that makes her the defending Olympic champion in her event.

Here’s video of Britta capturing the European championships in 2009.

Britta showing off her Beijing gold.

Britta turned out to be an absolutely huge hit in Beijing. As 15 year old she had traveled to China and had fallen in love with the country. She returned often, including a stint for several months as an exchange student, then returning to Germany to major in Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University.

When she entered the press room following her gold medal win in Beijing she fielded questions from the Chinese press and responded in Chinese. Needless to say, there weren’t too many athletes doing that so she became the darling of the Chinese press and people. Read more about her here in this article put out by the German embassy in London.

Here’s an interview she did, partially in English, partially in Chinese.

Coming into these games, Britta wasn’t anywhere near the top of her game and she wasn’t expected to medal by many. Those low expectations didn’t stop Britta though. She worked her way through her opponent into the medal round. There she met South Korea fencer A Lam Shin.

Shin appeared to have the match won when officials ordered time put back on the clock. Somehow Heidemann managed to get three swipes at her in that one second to steal the win away. The Koreans filed a protest but, unbelievably, Shin had to sit on fencing platform for over an hour while official reviewed the call. Eventually the call stood and Shin was led away.

The controversy obviously affected both fencers as they each loss their next matches. Britte walked away with a silver while Shin got nothing. More details (including video) here.

Here’s Britta and the other medal winners.

Here’s Shin, sitting alone for an hour while the officials debated the finish.

While the end of the match might be controversial, no one would debate that Britta doesn’t belong in the Oglympics sits. This will actually be her third Oglympics appearance having previously appeared in 2004 and 2008.

This collection of photos demonstrates how naturally beautiful Britta is.

First in her fencing attire:

Now some shots of her in some off the court attire:

And now some shots of her OUT of her off the court attire:

Check back this coming weekend when we’ll have another article on Britta and her teammate Monika Sozanska as they fence for Germany in the team epee event.

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