Antonija Mišura – Croatia – Basketball

While watching the US women’s basketball game vs Croatia on Saturday, I noticed a spectacular looking blonde sitting on the Croats’ bench. After digging a little, I was able to identify her as Antonija Mišura, a 24 year old 5’11” guard. Antonija may have never gotten into the game but she is still gorgeous enough to immediately add her to the Oglympics watch list.

The Americans handled the Croats easily, pulling away in the second half to win 81-56. Croatia was actually a surprise qualifier to make the Olympics (so much so that their star player, Marija Vrsaljko, already had her wedding planned for last week). Marija went ahead with the wedding, this missing Croatia’s exhibition game with the US, but cancelled her honeymoon plans in order to play in the actual Games.

While I wasn’t able to find out too much about Antonija, I did uncover both her Facebook page AND a Facebook fan page (I’m obviously not the first to notice her pulchritude).

Facebook Page:

Facebook Fan Page:

Given the little info that’s available on Antonija, probably the best I can do is just present a gallery of images of her. She’s done some modeling so there are some nice shots in there.

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