Luciana Aymar – Argentina – Field Hockey

Luciana gets the call today because she will be the flag bearer for Argentina and you should watch for her in the opening ceremonies. She gets to carry the flag because she is generally considered to be the best field hockey player of all time having won the International Hockey Federation World Player of the Year award an unprecedented seven times (and currently holds the title). I guess you could say she is the BABE Ruth of field hockey. Of course back home in Argentina, they call her the “Maradona of field hockey.”

Luciana is 34 years old and stands 5′ 7.5″. She is a three time Olympic medal winner with Argentina earning Silver in Sydney in 2000, Bronze in Athens in 2004, and another bronze in Beijing in 2008. She’ll be looking for Gold in London where Argentina will be considered one of the favorites (they won the World Cup in 2010).

She is a prolific scorer and you can see why if you watch her run circles around her opponents in this highlight video.

And here’s a fan video dedicated to her.

Needless to say, as you can tell in those videos, Luciana has a bit of a body. Here’s some candids of her on the field of play.

Here are some glamour photo shoots of Luciana.

Lastly we have some swimsuit shots that she handles quite well.

If for some reason you miss Luciana during tonight’s opening ceremonies, you’ll get another chance on Sunday when Argentina takes on South Africa in their opening round game.

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