Leryn Franco – Paraguay – Track

Leryn Franco just might be the hottest athlete ever. I’m putting her stuff up today because I’m not sure if she’s actually in the 2012 Olympics or not. Wikipedia has listed her as competing for Paraguay and I’ve seen other sites suggest that she’ll be there but I can’t find anything official that says she’s competing.

However, we should find out tonight during the Opening Ceremonies. Leryn became world famous during the 2008 Olympics when some sharp eyed cameraman spotted her as Paraguay paraded through the stadium. The webosphere went nuts trying to identify her. Pretty rapidly she was pegged as a javelin thrower for Paraguay.

Since then Leryn stock has skyrocketed, even earning herself a spot in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

She also has numerous fan videos and I’ve just selected one.

I thought Leryn was so hot that even though she didn’t make my normal criteria for automatically getting into Oglympics, i.e. have the potential to medal and take your clothes off, I included her in a special post during the 2008 Olympics. Basically, she posed for a calendar in 2007 that tore up the internet after she was spotted during Opening cermonies. Here’s three photo from that calendar shoot (you can see the rest of them in my old post.

Here’s Leryn practicing. Even sweating she looks hot as hell.

I’ll hold off on any more photos until I get confirmation that she is actually there. If she is, you can expect more just before she competes in the javelin throw.

So when the Paraguay delegation walks by tonight, keep your eyes peeled for Leryn because I’s surely like to have another batch of her photos included on the site.

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