Kiira Korpi – Finland – Figure Skating

Kiira Korpi is a gorgeous 21 year old figure skater from Finland with Grace Kelly like looks. Unfortunately, she’s not quite good enough to crack into the top ten in the world which means NBC won’t find time for her. So you’re just going to have to rely on me to bring her to you.

Video Montage

Normally I don’t like posting video montages like this but I’m going to make an expeditious exception here. Korpi is a spectacularly beautiful young women and I’d have a very difficult time selected which photos to choose from the dozens that I have. Better to just use this video which has already selected some of the best, also included several that I don’t have, and just done an exceptional job of presenting them.

Note: Korpi’s remarkable resemblance to Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco is what has earned her the nickname “The Ice Princess”.

Valio Vanilla Yogurt Commercial

2008 European Championships

Korpi stands in 17th place after the short program in Vancouver. That means NBC won’t be showing her on the coverage later tonight. That’s a big loss to the US viewing audience. NBC won’t allow me to embed her performance but I can provide you with a link to it and a vidcap from it.

In my mind, there is no doubt that she is the most beautiful athlete at these Games.

Almost topless

I also have one candid that I have to add though – this one of her caught in a hand bra backstage at one of her performances.

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