Tanith Belbin – USA – Figure Skating

Tanith Belbin 25 year old Canadian-American ice dancer who, although she holds a dual citizenship, will be dancing for the US in Vancouver. She and her dancer partner, Ben Agusto, are five time US skating champions and won the silver medal in the 2006 Olympics in Turin. The silver that they won in 2006 was the first American ice dancing medal in the Olympics in thirty years.

Tanith and Ben enter the free dance competition in tonight’s Olympics in fourth place so they will have a chance to medal again.

Tanith and Ben on the ice

Tanith and Ben off ice

Tanith by herself

and a candid where she’s dressed like an angel.

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  1. Belbin and Agusto skated very, very well but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Russian dancers in third place so they go medal-less in this Olympics.

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