Anni Friesinger – Germany – Speedskating

Anni is a 32 year old speed skater from Germany. She is a second generation Olympian as her mother Jana represented Poland in the 1976 Winter Olympics. Last year she married her long time boyfriend former Dutch skater Ids Postma.

Athletic Accomplishments

Anni has held the world record in the 1500 meters three times (the current world record holder is Cindy Klassen of Canada) and is the current Olympic record holder having set the record in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Anni has medaled in 29 World Championships including 16 gold medal wins. She is the reigning World Champion in the 1500 meters and the silver medalist in the 1000 meters. She is a five-time European Allround Champion and three time, World Allround Champion.

Olympic Achievements

Vancouver will be Anni’s fourth Olympic games. She won a bronze medal in the 3000 meters in Nagano in 1998. She followed that up four years later with an Olympic record setting win in the 1500 meters in Salt Lake City. In Turin in 2006 she won two medals – a gold in the team pursuit and a bronze in the 1000 meters.

Before Vancouver Anni had competed in ten Olympic events and had never finished worse that sixth. That (and the fact that she’s the reigning world champion) will make her one of the favorites in tonight’s 1500 meter event.

Anni in action

Speedskating suits are designed to make the human body as aerodynamic as possible. However, even they can’t suppress the spectacular form that Anni has. Take a look at these photos from some of Anni’s skates.


Here’s a better look at what Anni’s hiding under those suits.

Maxim Photo Shoot

Anni posed for Maxim magazine with these results.

A video interview about the photo shoot (I haven’t a clue what she’s saying but she looks great).

Saving The Best For Last.

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