Torah Bright – Australia – Snowboarding – Vancouver edition


Torah Bright is a 23 year old Australian snowboarder who will be competing in the half pipe at the Vancouver games. While she is Australian she currently resides in Salt Lake City while she trains at Park City. She is a practicing Mormon so Salt Lake is a convenient home for her. She is engaged to be married to an American Jack Welch this coming June. Unfortunately, her Mormon faith seems to have kept her from appearing uncovered but she’s cute enough to include on Oglympics anyway.

Here’s a video tour of her Salt Lake City home.

Athletic Accomplishments.

Torah turned pro at the age of 15 and won her first X Games medals in 2006 in Superpipe. Her X Games success led to her being named to the 2006 Australian Olympic team where she failed to medal but did place fifth.

The Olympics weren’t totally a new experience for Torah because her sister Rowena represented Australia in the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002 in alpine skiing. For the Vancouver Game Torah had the honor of being selected to carry the Austalian flag in the Opening Ceremonies.

Torah in action

NBC Video Interview with Torah

Here’s a link to an interview that Torah did in Central Park NY. Unfortunately NBC won’t let me embed it. However, I can put up a bunch of photos taken at the time of the interview along with a bunch of other Torah shots.

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