Julia Mancuso – USA – Alpine Skiing


Julia is 25 year old US alpine skier from Tahoe NV. She through herself into skiing as a young child when her father, Ciro Mancuso, a respected real estate developer in Tahoe, was arrested and jailed for running a major drug operation in addition to his real estate business. Ciro Mancuso cooperated with authorities and eventually served a reduced sentence. Bespite being divorced by Julia’s mother while in prison, Ciro managed to maintain a strong relationship with his daughter and can often be seen at her competitions.

On the slopes

Julia has been competing in World Cup events for a decade now. Her first World Cup event was as a 15 year old in 1999. Her first World Cup points, i.e. top 30 finish, was in 2001 but it wasn’t until 2005 that she really became a presence on the circuit, leaping from a ranking in the fifies to ninth for that season.

Olympic History

The Vancouver games will be Julia’s second Olympic appearance. She was the gold medal winner in the 2006

Julia and her tiara

In this Visa commercial, Julia briefly tells the story of her trademarked tiara that she dons following her competition.


Julia has actually raced in her tiara in the past but the World Cup rules committee nixed that when they started requiring the competitors to wear helmets.

Here are some snapshots taken during the Hawaii photo shoot for Visa.

Speaking of Visa commercials, here’s her current Visa commercial that exploits her 2006 Olympic Gold.


Lange Girl Photo Shoot

Julia’s photos from her Lange Boots photo session


Julia has developed her own lingerie line called “Kiss My Tiera”

Here she is modeling one of her own pieces.

Outside Magazine

Here are some glamour shots Julia did for Outside Magazine.

Vancouver Games

Julia has been struggling recently but she came through with a surprisingly strong performance to capture the silver medal behind teammate Lindsay Vonn in the women’s downhill. Here’s a link to her performance (NBC’s Olympic rights prevent me from embedding it here) and some photos from the awards ceremony.

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