Amy Acuff – United States – High Jump – Vol IV no 9

Personal Info:

If it seems like the 32 year old 6’2″ Acuff has been high jumping forever, it’s because that’s pretty much true. She’s 32 years old and started high jumping as a ten year old, so she’s been at it for a very long time. She’s also been extremely good for a very long time setting national high school class records from her freshman through senior years in high school in Corpus Christi TX.

As her HS senior she had advanced to a level where she could even compete on the world stage. As a 17 year old high school senior she competed in a meet in Austria where she actually defeated the three medal winners from the previous world championships. That was good enough for her to be named the 1993 Gatorade High School Track and Field Athlete of the Year topping Marion Jones for the honor.

Following graduation from high school she enrolled at UCLA on a track scholarship where her success continued at a college level where she won several titles and set an NCAA record. She married World Indoor silver medalist pole vaulter Tye Harvey following the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Here’s a list of Amy’s national and world titles:

1993 NCAA Indoor Champion
1994 NCAA Indoor Champion
1995 NCAA Indoor Champion
1995 NCAA Outdoor Champion
1995 U.S. Outdoor Champion
1996 NCAA Outdoor Champion
1997 World University Games Champion
1997 NCAA Indoor Champion
1997 U.S. Outdoor Champion
2001 U.S. Indoor Champion
2001 U.S. Outdoor Champion
2003 U.S. Outdoor Champion
2004 U.S. Indoor Champion
2005 U.S. Outdoor Champion
2008 U.S. Indoor Champion

In 2005, Amy married World Silver pole vault medalist Tye Harvey.

Beijing will be Amy’s fourth Olympics but as much success as she has had nationally and internationally she’s never medaled at the Olympics. She will be looking to fix that Tuesday night when she takes the field at the Bird’s Nest in Beijing.

Here are some action shots of Amy in competition:

And if you like your women long and lean, Amy would have to be your cup of tea.


Amy has compiled a couple of educational high jump videos. Here’s some excerpts from one of them.

Here’s Amy in a press conference following her qualification for her fourth Olympic team.

USATF women’s high jump

Amy’s Esquire, FHM, Maxiim and Playboy sessions:

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