Britta Heidemann wins gold – Germany – fencing – Vol IV no 6

Yesterday 25 year old German fencer Britta Heidemann won the individual epee gold medal and captured the heart of the Chinese fans while she was at it.

This is also a repeat appearance for Britte in the UncleLar list as she was the subject of the Vol III no 9 issue.


Heidemann Gallery:

Fencing accomplishments:

Heidemann’s victory was no fluke. She was a silver medalist in team epee in the 2004 Olympics in Athens and is shown below claiming the individual epee gold medal at the 2007 World Championships.

Personal Info:

Britte is a 25 year old student from Cologne studying at the University of Hamburg. Her major – a somewhat appropriate Chinese Studies. She happened to travel to China on a vacation when she was 13 years old and fell in love with the nation. As a sixteen year old, she lived and studied in Beijing. As a result, she speaks fluent Chinese. In fact at the press conference following her win, she acted as an interpreter for her Chinese opponent Li Na.

The Chinese media ate up the Chinese connection. They soon uncovered that the Chinese name given to her when she studied there was Xiao Yue (Little Moon). She’ll be returning to China in September to actually start working there.

Britta in Playboy

Britte has long been known as the Anna Kournikova of fencing. However, her recent results in competition have far exceeded those of the tennis beauty.

In the September 2004 German edition of Playboy, Britta joined fellow German athletes, volleyball player Kathy Radzuweit and field hockey player Fanny Rinne as cover models. Photos from that issue follow.

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