Rebel Morrow – Australia – Equestrian – Vol III no 6

Personal Info

Rebel is a 5’78” 139 lb equestrian from Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. She is 27 years old, single and has been riding horses since “before I could walk”. She has been competing since she was three years old. She excels in the cross-country segment of the equestrian events.
Rebel was chosen for reasons similar to Anastasia yesterday. Australia in the #1 ranked equestrian team on the country so she has an excellent medal chance. Rebel, is part of a little controversy, having appeared in “Athens Dream” , a photo album tribute to Australian athletes featuring nude photos of over 30 Aussie stars. And how can you not have a female named “Rebel”?

Professional Accomplishments

Rebel has competed since the age of three and has represented Australia in America twice and also New Zealand as a member of the Trans Tasman Team in 2003. Rebel is considered a rising star in equestrian and locked down her Olympic spot by winning the Sydney International Three Day Event this June.

Her international placings include:

2004 CCN Sydney Athens format event: 1st 2004 Albury CIC: 2nd
2003 Adelaide CCI: 5th 2003 Taupo CCI: 9th

Rebel and the Olympics

This will be Rebel’s first Olympics but the Australians will be seeking a fourth consecutive Three Day Event gold medal. Rebel and her horse Oaklea Groover will be competing in both the individual and team equestrian events. Bravo will be broadcasting the equestrian 3-day team event today. Look for Rebel and Oaklea Groover.

Rebel on the Field of Play

The Athens Dream

‘The Athens Dream’, shows 35 of Australia’s Olympic hopefuls posing nude for award-winning photographers and follows on the heels of previous editions of the magazine before the Atlanta games and the Sydney games. It stars 34 Australian athletes from 16 Olympic sports, all photographed nude. Leading the pack are the swimmers: world record holders Petria Thomas and Brooke Hanson, Olympic medallists Justin Norris, Michael Klim and Geoff Huegill, along with Brett Hawke and Felicity Galvez.

Here’s a Flash pre review of “The Athens Dream”

Lady Godiva – Rebel Morrow’s Athens Dream Photos

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