Tatiana Grigorieva – UL NOD Vol III No. 1

It’s that time again.

Aha – the Olympics are here, and you know what that means.  UncleLar’s Nude Olympian of the Day returns.  Here’s the first issue.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with this newsletter, a little history is in order.  About four years ago, just before the Sydney Olympics, Sports Illustrated published an article on a little known Russian pole vaulter, Tatiana Grigorieva.  Tatiana had migrated to Australia following the breakup of the Soviet Union.  The SI article focused on Tatiana’s and her husbands attempts to earn their Australian citizenship and make the Aussie Olympic team.

Included in the article was a reference to Tatiana having posed for nude photos.  That intrigued me no end, particularly since Tatiana was incredibly attractive, so I set off on a search of the internet.  It took a while but I eventually succeeded.  I collected several of the photos and forwarded them to a few friends, along with the quote “here are the shots that Sports Illustrated couldn’t show”.

As a by-product of my search for the Grigorieva photos, I came across dozens of other athletes who had posed for nude or semi-nude photos.  With the Olympics right around the corner, I wondered how many Olympians where in that group.  I was amazed at how many I found and felt obligated to share.

Hence the birth of the newsletter.

Newsletter Objective

I’m not out to just publish a bunch of photos of naked women (or sometimes men).  I try to make each newsletter both timely and informing.  I try to make sure that subject(s) of each newsletter either has just competed in the previous day’s events or is about to compete in an event on television (so you can catch them in competition and find your own Olympic favorite).  I will also fill you in on some of the athlete’s past successes and maybe add a personal tidbit or two where I can.

This Year’s Schedule

Time for a mea culpa.  My apologies for an already late issue.  The Olympics are already three days old and I’m just getting the first issue out.  Consider this the pre-Olympics issue and I’ll be publishing catch-up newletters as quickly as I can to get back onto a one a day schedule.

Nude Athlete of the Day – Tatiana Grigorieva

Somehow, in this pre-Olympic issue, it only seems appropriate to republish the original photos of Tatiana.  Here are a few of them:

I think you can now appreciate my enthusiasm for this woman, who will undoubtedly be in the UncleLar’s Nude Olympian Hall of Fame once I get that project under way,  If you are interested in seeing larger versions of these photos, simply click on the photo.

Tatiana at Work

Tatiana’s Athletic Success

Sports Illustrated hit paydirt with their story on Grigorieva.  Not only did she get her citizenship, and make the Australian Olympic team but she incredibly won a silver medal in the women’s inaugural pole vault competition in Sydney.  Here she poses with her Olympic silver medal.  I had very much hoped that she would be making a return to the Olympics this year but injuries suffered in 2003 impacted her training and she failed in her attempt to make the Olympic qualifying height of 4.40 meters.

Tatiana’s Olympic silver wasn’t a fluke.  Following the Olympics she had a stretch of excellent performances, 4th in the World Championships in 2001, 3rd in the Goodwill Games in 2001, and capped by winning a gold medal in the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Personal Info

Tatiana was born in Russia in 1975 where she became a nationally ranked 400 meter hurdler.  She moved to Australia in 1997, where she took up pole vaulting. Her Olympic bio lists her as 5’11” and 141 lbs.  Tatiana has been married to fellow Russian émigré Viktor Chistiakov since moving to Australia.  Here are Tatiana and Viktor together.

However, recent news reports indicate all is not hunky-dory these days.  Viktor has admitted to having an affair with Ukrainian high jumper Vita Palamar, shown here on the left.  STUPID MAN!!

Other Info:

This year I will be trying to include some multi-media info in my newsletters when possible. Here’s Tatiana talking about her 2004 plans and in this Telstra A-Championships promotional video you can catch a glimpse of Tatiana pole vaulting.

Warning: an internet connection is required and broadband is highly recommended for the videos.

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