Opening ceremonies – Snake Goddess/Bjork – Vol III no 2

The Opening Ceremonies.

In this post Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, sporting events are now broadcast completely on tape delay in the US so wardrobe malfunctions are now a thing of the past. The Athens games introduction had an homage to the original Greek athletes and Olympic Games. As many know, the Greeks competed in the nude during the first Olympics and there were strong rumors that the opening ceremonies would contain nudity.

Guess what – there was, but you probably missed it due to network censorship so here’s where UncleLar comes to the rescue.

The Goddess of Fertility

As reported in the Boston Herald, “the very elegant young lady who led the parade as the Goddess of Fertility was quite obviously topless for real.”

However, I do believe that the writer was in partially in error. The woman was actually representing a Minoan Snake Goddess.

One look at this figurine unearthed by famed British archeologist Sir Arthur Evans in 1903 and it’s obvious who the women is supposed to be. Evans discovered this figurine in the so-called Temple Repositories on the site of the “palace” of Knossos on the Aegean Island of Crete.

The figurine has since acquired canonical status in art history books, and stands out as an object central to our understanding of Minoan culture. For more information on the Minoan Snake Goddess, go to this site.

Athlete Statues

The Boston Herald writer also wrote about a series of statues that were meant to be symbolic of the original athletes who participated in the nude.

However, I believe the Herald writer was wrong here also. As described in this Australian article, the “statues” were actually performers deceptively clothed to look authentically naked. If you look closely at the ankles of the “statues” you can actually see the pant line of the trousers that the “statues” are wearing.


While not an athlete, Icelandic singer Björk did sing in the opening ceremonies so, for the purposes of this newsletter, she is an Olympian. Björk performed “Oceania”, a song she wrote specifically for the opening ceremony. As described in this article, “Björk wore what must be the largest dress ever created, and as she sang, the thousands of athletes pulled the hem of the dress, and waves of fabric unraveled until the dress filled the stadium, covering the heads of all the athletes.”

Had the athletes continued pulling on the dress, this is what they would have seen.

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